Read the Psalms: God loves you EVERY day!

I’m writing from my little house chapel.  When I first sat down, my mind was anything but focused.  I’m traveling later in the day… need to pack, meet with some facilities management folks, say two masses and about a dozen other things before hacking my way up the BW Parkway to fly to my niece’s baptism.  So, yes… distracted.  Unto itself, that wasn’t a problem.  BUT… in the midst of that distracted state thoughts of my own foolishness, sinfulness, inadequacy all started flooding my consciousness, and this distinct phrase, “You not worthy to pray this morning.”  Forcing myself, I opened the psalms for Morning Prayer and began to read slowly aloud.  By the time my prayer concluded, I felt so much better.

The Psalms of the Divine Office go on day in and day out.  No matter how we feel, no matter what we have done or failed to do.  The constancy of their praise, of their rejoicing in the Lord reminds us that it’s really not about us.  Mother Angelica once said, “Do you know that God sees everything that you do?  .. and he loves you and wants you to be happy.”  Even the greatest saint is, unto him/herself unworthy of prayer, praise, happiness and glory.  That’s not the point… HE, the Father, loves us anyway and invites us to rejoice in his love and care.  

Read the Psalms… follow the Divine Office day in and day out… it’ll put your focus back on the Lord.  And should you ever hear a little voice saying, “You’re not worthy to pray this morning.”  Reply back simply, “You’re right, but it’s not about me.”