Where’ve we come from and where are we going?

St. Jerome Praying with the Scriptures – Mass. Ave, NW at the Croatian Embassy

A Review of Our Parish Catechetical Process

Last summer, amidst the craziness of moving into a new parish and new ministry, I realized that not only did my preaching need an anchor… I did too!  With everything going on in world, local and church news… it can be hard to focus, to focus in a way useful to ongoing personal growth.  So it struck me in a holy hour to undertake a year-long catechesis for the parish based on the seasons, the readings and on some catechetical guidelines recommended by our Archdiocese.

Where have we come from and where are we going in that process?  If you look back on the Homilies page (above) you’ll be able to listen to preaching on all these subjects in order…

Back in October we prayed on ways that God guides us… sign posts he uses to keep us moving on the road to heaven… namely:

The Rosary
Covenants and Sacraments
God does not guide us dependent on things
Our identity as priests (royal and ordained) guides us

In November, we asked the question, “What do we believe” and looked at select issues from the Creed:

What does it mean to say, “I believe”
What does it mean that “I believe in Jesus Christ”
What does it mean to believe in a Kingdom that will have no end
Who is Christ, the KING, in whom we believe

In December we recognized the belief inspires/commends us to worship… and we all need a yearly renewal of worship during Advent, if we’re going to be ready to receive Jesus at his Nativity.

Receptivity: the beginning of worship
Prayer: how do I grow in prayer after 8th grade?
Humility: the first step in worship
How can we offer our bodies in spiritual worship

Since December we’ve moved through the Epiphany season worshipping at the crib with Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and the Magi… recognizing different facets of Christ’s divinity each weekend.

Now the question comes… what’s next?!?!

Well, Ordinary Time, or the “Sundays after epiphany” as reckoned in the Extraordinary Form calendar launches us on mission… but that mission requires some help and timely maintenance.  So we’ll spend these coming Sundays in February looking at just what kind of help we need… before actively seeking it during Lent (starts Ash Wednesday, March 6).  Here’s you can [I hope] look forward to:

January 27 – What is the nature of religion? Constant soul maintenance by re-reading the Law (i.e. re-legere… re-ligion)

February ⅔ – The Feast of the Presentation is Feb. 2… and on the 3rd we hear about Christ’s experience preaching in Nazareth: Like the figures in the Temple, like the synagogue members in Nazareth, do I need to refresh my eyes and ears to see the Lord?

February 10 – Duc in altum : What does it mean to “set out into the deep” with Christ

February 17 – The Beatitudes: a measure for our depth

February 24 – Loving our enemies: same topic, continued

March 3 – “Can the blind lead the blind?”  Turning always to Christ during, especially during the season of Lent… leaving behind self-rule and letting him rule in our hearts.

Stay tuned… it’s going to be a great few weeks!!!