Reading Recommendations for the End of Lent

Father Romano Guardini


“It is not the faith of cheerful fables that is demanded in these times, but rather a hard faith, for the softening and accommodating enchantment is falling away from all things, and everywhere the contradictions collide roughly with one another.” -Romano Guardini

By way of some recommended reading for the end of Lent and the beginning of Easter, two suggestions from one of the great fathers of late-twentieth century Catholic theology: Romano Guardini.

“Meditations Before Mass”  and “Meditations on the Christ Model of All Holiness”  both volumes are published by Sophia Press and make for great bite size reading before mass, on the metro commute or sitting with your espresso in the early morning (as I am now).

Guardini was born to an Italian family but grew up and studied in Germany.  I like to think of him as a mutant, an “X-Man” among theologians combing all the beauty of Italian aesthetic theology with the undeniable power of German logic.  His thought, joining together the best of our mystical and practical traditions, became a foundation for the Second Vatican Council… and consequently for the current New Evangelization ethic of the Church.  Happy Reading!