Drawing in Silver and Gold at the National Gallery

“Born of a Virgin, he came forth from the womb as the light of the hole world in order to shine on all men.  His perpetual light that night can never destroy.  The sun of our daily experience is succeed by night, but the sun of holiness never sets, because wisdom cannot give place to evil.” -St. Ambrose

Print of a Woman by Rogier van der Weyden on display at the NGA

As another beautiful day dawns over Washington, keep you eyes open for the light coming into our world, Christ.  Seek him in the beauty of our daily experiences… and if you need some help consider stopping in at the National Gallery of Art for an incredible exhibition – Drawing in Silver and Gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns.  The exhibit is a study of metal point drawing/printing.  Two quick thoughts…  First, the technical detail achieved by the artists in this exhibit is amazing considering they were scratching out images by hand on metal!  Second, these prints have an almost ethereal quality.  The images almost “materialize” as you study them… It’s all a consequence of the printing process but it reminds me of Christ’s light illuminating each of us a little at a time, making each of us more distinctly and more perfectly ourselves as we get to know him better.  ‘just something to think about as you pass through the galleries.

Print of a Dog by Albrecht Durer on display at the NGA
Print of a Dog by Albrecht Durer on display at the NGA