On the airwaves with “Morning Glory”


Dear Readers – Check out the following link    ewtnmorningglory.com 

For a great new morning radio show, “Morning Glory” on the EWTN global radio network.

For those who don’t know, EWTN is the Eternal Word Television Network, begun by Mother Angelica, a Catholic Nun.  The Network had humble beginnings but has grown by leaps and bounds to bring eyes and ears of faith to the airwaves.  By way of witness: I wasn’t always a fan of EWTN.  As a kid I thought “Church TV” was about as lame as you could get.  Over time though, my own tastes, my own media needs, and the quality of the programming all grew.  I’m a big fan of the contribution that this great team of people are making to faith-filled culture.  I hope  you’ll consider checking out this  Friday’s (9/11/15) radio show using the link above and tune in regularly for all the good material they’re broadcasting from right here in Washington, DC!