Prints: Bringing the Beautiful into Daily Life


A new exhibit at the National Gallery of Art is quite the gem.  Recent Acquisitions of Italian Renaissance Prints: Ideas Made Flesh focuses on a medium that’s actually been getting quite a bit of attention in the Gallery’s downstairs exhibition space this year: Printing.

The Martyrdom of St. Paul

In high school we all learn about the importance the printing press for producing the Gutenberg Bible, revolutionary political tracts and other texts… but the Press was also used to great effect in diffusing the beauty of images.  For the first time hundreds of copies of original masterpieces could be made and sold to patrons rich and poor… spreading not only the fame of the artist, but also people’s sense that they could touch the sacred through beauty.  Brining the sacred and the beautiful ever more into daily life is a priority of the New Evangelization… Consider visiting the exhibit.  It may spark some ideas!

The death of St. Peter Martyr
Detail: the Death of Peter Martyr… with his last breath he writes his testimony, “Credo.” “I believe…”