Keep up the Spirit

Someone asked me, how can we keep alive the spirit that filled DC during the Pope’s visit?”  Consider these words from St Polycarp about how his people kept the spirit alive after visits from St. Paul.  Pick up some texts on Papal teaching by Francis, or any of the Popes, study Scripture, and always always spend time each day discerning how Christ is loving you!  Enjoy:


“It is not out of presumption that I write to you, my brothers, on what righteousness means, but rather because you asked me to do so. For neither I nor anyone like me can equal the wisdom of the blessed and glorious Paul. When he was in your city, he fully and courageously taught the men of that time the word of truth; when he was absent, he wrote you letters. By carefully studying these letters, you can strengthen yourselves in the faith that has been given to you. This faith is the mother of us all, followed by hope, preceded by love—love of God, of Christ, of our neighbor. Whoever lives within this framework has fulfilled the commandment of righteousness. For anyone who has love is far from sin.”