What do Confession and Cappuccino Have in Common


Every day I observe a ritual, critical to enhancing my communion with the Living God.  I rise at 6, shower and shave, dress and make solemn procession to the kitchen.  There I bow before the apparatus cafe (Latin: Coffee Machine) and make my morning espresso.  Today it struck me that my espresso machine and confession have some striking similarities.

  • Both are critical to rousing the soul
  • The noises made in both suggest lots of pressure is at work, but the delicious product of each is well-worth the effort made.
  • Both require a careful examination of all the working parts involved, a gentle calibration and a final decision to act.
  • The experience of coffee making is generally the same for everyone who uses the machine… but it can’t be denied that – in the particulars – the finished product is carefully tailored to meet the needs of each person… likewise confession.
  • If you don’t de-calcify the machine at least once a month its fine inner workings get clogged up from use until then can’t do you any good.  Likewise confession: If we don’t go at least once a month we risk clogging up the inner workings of our soul with sins’ effects until we can’t do much good for anyone.

A little silly?  Perhaps… but now every time I see my espresso machine I’m reminded of the salutary effects of the sacrament.  Think about it.