Solidarity with the homeless

As I type, I’m on pilgrimage in Spain with a group of parishioners.  It’s been Ana amazing experience this far. We’ve seen inspiring natural beauty, marveled at cultural treasures… And most of all we’ve prayed offering our days’ challenges, joys, and quiet times to Jesus for a long list of prayer intentions from home.

As I type it’s also 315am… No it’s not the jet lag.  Arriving in the city of Betanzos we encountered another traveler in the hostel.  He struck me as odd right off the bat.  From my experiences with the homeless at home – if I had to guess – I’d say this gentleman isn’t well.  Not dangerous necessarily, but certainly not well.  He’s sleeping upstairs in the dorm… Snoring like a buzz saw and making some very discomforting noises bedsides.

As I type il trying to look at this with eyes of pilgrim faith.  For me this will be a challenge on tomorrow’s 20 mile trek to the next pilgrim refuge… But that’s all it is, a temporary discomfort eased by my friends and over when I get to my hotel in Santiago in a few days.  But  what about the homeless of DC?

As I type hundreds of men women and children struggle to sleep in our city in situations that ARE dangerous… That are kore than an inconvenience… They are a way of daily life!  My foreign neighbor in the next bunk has a snore and an odor that are keeping me up for one night… What’s it like to live like that 24-7?  It’s no joke.  I’m not being facetious in any way.

As I stay up (I’ve given up on real sleep at this point), I offer this night to God in solidarity with the homeless of Washington.  I beg the Lord who loves us all to see this movement in my own heart and relieve the suffering of one of my neighbors in DC.