On this Page I’ll be posting homilies from select Sunday masses or reflections that I offer.  I hope you find them edifying.

On Faith and Works – 24th Sunday of OT 2018 – 17th Sunday after Pentecost

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – January 1, 2018 – today’s feast gives us hope that is natural, supernatural and perpetual.

30 Sunday OT – Three subjects for self-scrutinizing as we approach the year’s end

29 Sunday OT – How do we persist in prayer and evangelization in the midst of impossible choices?

26 Sunday OT – Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and how a parish makes saints

25 Sunday OT – In praise of our young adults

24 Sunday OT – Fidelity: being true to ourselves that we might be true to others.

22 Sunday OT – Humility and the healthy love of self according to the Little Flower

21 Sunday OT – How we can grow vocations to the priesthood


19 Sunday of OT – Faith, it’s what we do

Hope In times of civil disturbance

15 Sunday of OT – even in the most comfortable parts of our city we can make a difference: Be not apathetic

16 Sunday OT – Prayer: the first and indispensable step to knowing how we are to build a better city.

17 Sunday OT – The unshakable origin of our hope: Christ’s own promise.

18 Sunday OT – Hope as a solution to the vanity of “things”

Lenten Homilies Following St. Peter’s Progress of Graces:

I Sunday of Lent: Englightenment

III Sunday of Lent: Continence and Humility

Other Miscellaneous Homilies

Corpus Christi 2016 – What is the Mass All About

IV Sunday of Easter – Making All Things New in Christ

III Sunday of Easter – the full extent of Jesus’ mercy for us: Amoris Laetitia

Why I love St. Peter’s Capitol Hill: A Homily for the 25th week of Ordinary Time

Faith Works and Resurrection: A Homily for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

God’s grace meets our insecurity and consoles it… if we let him: A homily for the 23 Sunday of Ordinary Time

This is a Hard Saying… but it’s easier to hear with Mary at Our Side: A homily for the 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time

Tradition: How we discover truth’s credibility: A Homily for the 20 Sunday of Ordinary Time

Being a Beacon on the [Capitol] Hill: A homily for the 19 Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Grass is Never Greener on the Other Side: A homily for the 18 Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Importance of Unity with God and how it Plays Out in Marriage, Family, and Church: Homily for the 17 Sunday of Ordinary Time

What is the stuff of our unity as a flock, a parish, a Church? – A reflection on how Christ gathers what was scattered into One. Homily For the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Accepting Reality Like a Prophet and Apostle – Homily for the 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Life’s symphonic themes find their only resolution in one word: Mercy – A homily for the 6th Sunday of Easter

Practical Ways to Bear More Fruit for Christ


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