On this Page I’ll be posting homilies from select Sunday masses or reflections that I offer.  I hope you find them edifying.


Ordinary Time 2020

15th Sunday: Are we manipulative creatures or adoring creatures?  and which vision of our humanity will bring us greater happiness?


Lent 2020

Lent I – Humanism: Jesus fasted in the desert and found himself hungry at the end… but still able to rebuff the devil.  Focusing on his humanity (he was hungry and he used no particularly divine powers in this moment), the Gospel reveals the amazing capacities of our humanity to choose the good and avoid evil.

Lent II – Magnificence: A Remarkably Lenten Virtue – on how God (and we) can use magnificence to bring about the end of fear and the conversion of souls.

Epiphanytide thru Ash Wednesday

VII Sunday OT (Quinquegesima Sunday) – Love… queen of virtues… and how we’ve been blessed to experience it through some of our Pastors.  For all their gifts, they knew well, If I have not love, I am nothing.

VI Sunday OT (Sexagesima Sunday) – Continuing our examination of “Little Lent” we reflect on Faith with a little help from St. John Henry Newman…  Faith, what is it?  and how can a deeper understanding of faith help us more effectively witness to the world and win souls for Christ… starting with our own?

V Sunday OT – The beginning of the “Little Lent” our onramp to the holy season.  Today we focus on HOPE.  Hope is the sacramentalization of desire.  Living hope helps us appreciate why we are disciplined in Church life… and what we need to purge in our lives.

IV Sunday OT – Presentation of the Lord (Feb. 2) – A day of mixed emotion… We look back on the Christmas/Ephiphany season… but we also look forward to Lent… How the Light illumines us and illumines our need for renewal.  How the light shows us the way to perfect sacrifice.

III Sunday of OT – The March for Life and the amazing redeeming work God is doing in our city through our people.  The Apostles are alive in our parishioners.

Christmas and Ephiphanytide

Baptism of the Lord 2020 – From whence our dignity?  Human dignity and human rights come from who we are, not what we do or where we live or what we have.  Who we are is beloved children of the Father.

Epiphany 2020 – Do I truly believe that the Light desires to work with me, to make me an instrument of divinity?

Holy Family Sunday – Families as sacramental: places where he lifts up our households to be places of contact with the divine… but in light of today’s challenging family dynamics can we reconcile ourselves with our histories… with our Loved ones?? Does the gift of the Holy Family still work?  YES!!  Here’s how…

Christmas 2019 – A meditation on desires yearned for, challenged and fulfilled on Christmas.

Advent 2019

I Sunday of Advent – Everything begins in this new Church year with the gratuitous generosity of our God… this a great starting place and foundation for all of us.

II Sunday of Advent – in light of our sin, we need a Savior… and this Savior is understanding.  The gift of understanding as the evangelical side of Wisdom.

Immaculate Conception – more than an idea… a concrete sign of hope from the beginning, through the ages and especially now.

Gaudete Sunday (III Advent) – What prevents us from rejoicing? …and what common treatment can we apply to help us rejoice as married people, single people, parish leaders?

November – Ministry to the Faithful Departed and the Last Things

I Sunday – Communion w/ the saints, with the living and with those in purgatory is our avenue to heaven.

III Sunday (EF) – The Lord’s love leads us out of captivity… filling our crosses with meaning.

III Sunday (OF) – Jesus is coming… Look busy! Healthy and Holy Time Mangement

October 2019 – The Rosary

I Sunday – The Rosary is the ideal tool for “holding on to God’s vision,” for fanning the flame of faith…carries our faith from a notional assent to re real assent.

III Sunday – How to persevere in prayer and receptivity with Our Lady

IV Sunday
Extraordinary Form Christ the King: Do I always and everywhere    
worship the One True God alone.
Ordinary Form 30th Sunday “We’re all weirdos”

September 2019 – Stewardship

Labor Day – The Nobility of Human Labor: we are made co-workers with God in the work of salvation, shepherding/stewarding all things toward the real rewards of heaven.

II Sunday of September – Financial giving is just the beginning.  Do you know the cost of life with Jesus? It will cost us everything.

IV Sunday – Stewarding all things toward Christ from a place of love, not from earthly reasons/motivations.

IV Sunday – Stewarding our “dishonest wealth”: The universal end of all human goods, the role of the state in earthly stewarding, and our call as Catholics to steward all toward heaven itself.

V Sunday – The Rich Man and Lazarus: Care for the poor… attention to what we’ve seen and what we should’ve seen… a call to be thoroughly conscientiously HUMAN.

Assumption 2019: How Mary has guided and will guide our parish mission in downtown DC for another year – Receptivity, Beauty, Life-giving Maternity

Summer 2019 – A season of being on mission

Trinity Sunday – Our First Marching Orders for the missionary season known as Ordinary Time: Receive God’s grace freely, then give that grace freely to others.  In a cynical utilitarian world, just start by overwhelming your neighbors in concrete love.

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Missionary Marching orders 2: For freedom Christ set us free- turning resolutely to the will of the Father frees us from slavery to this earth… “I” enslaves and attaches me to the world.  Turn resolutely toward loving others.

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Missionary Marching Orders 3: Recognize that you have been called!… Don’t be a huckster!…Make the cross and resurrection second-nature for you.

15th Sunday of Ordinary time – Missionary Marching Orders 4: What is the foundation of being Catholic? What do we really think about Law and doctrine? The beginning of any covenant is relationship, first and foremost the relationship with Christ… which then leads to the most active living of law and doctrine.

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Missionary Marching Orders 5: Never forget his Divine Presence is REAL.  By ministering to and loving the Divine Presence among us new life results:  Abraham entertaining angels; Martha and Mary entertaining Jesus.

17th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Missionary Marching Orders 6: The Church is BEAUTIFUL.  Her beauty is a manifestation of God’s beauty and that of his holy people.  The lengths to which God will go to save a soul for the sake of his beauty in us.  The beauty and power of the human will to choose God.

18th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Missionary Marching Order 7: Store up for yourselves treasure in heaven.  Think on what is above… but how often do we fall into the old earthly thinking: partisanship vs. the transcendent identity that flows from our baptism.  Put away differences, serve each other in mutual self-sacrificial love.

21 St Sunday of Ordinary Time – Two Homilies

Sacrifice and Evangelization: the ends for which we were made.  “You were not made for comfort.  You were made for greatness!”

Preaching the Kerygma: the simple beginning and end of all evangelization

Easter 2019 Mystagogia – Diving into the Sacraments

2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy): What are the sacraments all about anyway?

3rd Sunday of Easter: What is the Eucharist all about?  It’s more than just receiving Holy Communion.  It’s living sacrifice all week and offering it on Sunday!  Confession Prepares us for this.

4th Sunday – Confirmation: Perfecting and Equipping us for Mission

5th Sunday: the Nuptial Sacraments – Marriage and Holy Orders

Lent 2019

Ash Wednesday: What’s Praying Fasting and Almsgiving All About Anyway?

I Sunday – Fasting can be a source of trial and that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

II Sunday – The Transfiguration: Our Mission – Only by becoming one with the Flesh of Christ do we learn how to unify spirit and truth in our worship and evangelization

III Sunday – The Woman at the Well: Awakening our thirst for living waters and letting Jesus do his part…

IV Sunday – Laetare – You ARE become light in the Lord.  Looking at things, including our own conversion through God’s eyes. Going from being a taker to being a giver.

V Sunday – The Raising of Lazarus: We keep moving forward we keep growing we find joy again by putting all our causes in that place where our soul resides, on the altar of our hearts.

Palm Sunday – Life’s a tangle… but that’s where the Church excels… as with Jesus we turn resolutely toward Jerusalem, embracing the coming Cross confident in the Father’s Love

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time: What should I do, Lord??

5th Sunday of Ordinary Time / After Epiphany: What kind of tools does God give me… What tools should I be using to propel me into my mission?

4th Sunday of OT / 4th Sunday after Epiphany: Taking the time patience and tenderness for our neighbors that Jesus never got.

Christmas and Epiphanytide 2018/19

Feast of the Purification/Presentation: The presentation gives us the tools we need to carry out ministry.  Those tools can be seen in mystery, music, and light.

2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (EF – 2nd Sunday after Epiphany): Keeping hopeful on mission

Epiphany 2019

Mother of God – Jan. 1, 2019

Building the Manger... an unfinished but wonderful project.


I Sunday of Advent – Receptivity, the beginning of worship…

II Sunday of Advent – Prayer: How do we pray after 8th grade???

III Sunday (Gaudete) of Advent – Humility: the first virtue in worship

IV Sunday of Advent – Offering our Bodies in Spiritual Worship: Why the Body matters to Prayer/Worship


I Sunday of November – What does it mean to believe? …to say, “I believe” ?… what are the consequences of belief?

II Sunday of November – “I believe in Jesus Christ” – the Lord’s descent to the earth, death and resurrection makes him the ideal high priest.  We join our sacrifices, no matter how small, to his and cooperate with him in saving the world.

III Sunday of November – “I believe his Kingdom will have no end.” – Thoughts on the nature of the Kingdom.

IV Sunday of November: Christ the King (OF) – Who is this king in whom we believe? Lord over his own beliefs, passions and decisions.

Feast of the Dedication of St. John Lateran – The dedication of the first cathedral commends us to evangelize.

All Saints Day 2018 – The saints’ first step is a holy fear of the Lord, a fear characterized completely by Love.


God Guides us through our priestly identity (the ordained priesthood and the royal priesthood of the faithful) 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 23rd After Pentecost

God’s Guidance is not dependent on “things”… It is with us even in and especially in poverty. – Blessed Karl of Austria and the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time

God Guides us by Covenant and Sacrament – 21st Sunday After Pentecost, 28th of Ordinary Time

God guides us and revives us through the mysteries of the Rosary – Feast of the Holy Rosary

On Christian Humanism – 26th Sunday OT 2018 – 19th Sunday After Pentecost

On Faith and Works – 24th Sunday of OT 2018 – 17th Sunday after Pentecost


Never in Enemy Territory

All bitterness anger shouting and reviling must be removed from you

On the Assumption: How do we hope?

Two Homilies: Channeling our Passions AND Nuptial Relationships: In support of clerical celibacy

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – January 1, 2018 – today’s feast gives us hope that is natural, supernatural and perpetual.

30 Sunday OT – Three subjects for self-scrutinizing as we approach the year’s end

29 Sunday OT – How do we persist in prayer and evangelization in the midst of impossible choices?

26 Sunday OT – Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and how a parish makes saints

25 Sunday OT – In praise of our young adults

24 Sunday OT – Fidelity: being true to ourselves that we might be true to others.

22 Sunday OT – Humility and the healthy love of self according to the Little Flower

21 Sunday OT – How we can grow vocations to the priesthood

19 Sunday of OT – Faith, it’s what we do

Hope In times of civil disturbance

15 Sunday of OT – even in the most comfortable parts of our city we can make a difference: Be not apathetic

16 Sunday OT – Prayer: the first and indispensable step to knowing how we are to build a better city.

17 Sunday OT – The unshakable origin of our hope: Christ’s own promise.

18 Sunday OT – Hope as a solution to the vanity of “things”

Lenten Homilies Following St. Peter’s Progress of Graces:

I Sunday of Lent: Englightenment

III Sunday of Lent: Continence and Humility

Other Miscellaneous Homilies

Corpus Christi 2016 – What is the Mass All About

IV Sunday of Easter – Making All Things New in Christ

III Sunday of Easter – the full extent of Jesus’ mercy for us: Amoris Laetitia

Why I love St. Peter’s Capitol Hill: A Homily for the 25th week of Ordinary Time

Faith Works and Resurrection: A Homily for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

God’s grace meets our insecurity and consoles it… if we let him: A homily for the 23 Sunday of Ordinary Time

This is a Hard Saying… but it’s easier to hear with Mary at Our Side: A homily for the 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time

Tradition: How we discover truth’s credibility: A Homily for the 20 Sunday of Ordinary Time

Being a Beacon on the [Capitol] Hill: A homily for the 19 Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Grass is Never Greener on the Other Side: A homily for the 18 Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Importance of Unity with God and how it Plays Out in Marriage, Family, and Church: Homily for the 17 Sunday of Ordinary Time

What is the stuff of our unity as a flock, a parish, a Church? – A reflection on how Christ gathers what was scattered into One. Homily For the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Accepting Reality Like a Prophet and Apostle – Homily for the 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Life’s symphonic themes find their only resolution in one word: Mercy – A homily for the 6th Sunday of Easter

Practical Ways to Bear More Fruit for Christ


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