Weekly Reflections

This Page is dedicated to weekly reflections.  In them I hope you’ll find some unifying themes for the daily mass readings each week.

What’s the deal? A column answering questions from parish life (Advent 2016)

Why We Do What We Do in Church

Genuflecting: getting small for God
The Sign of the Cross: doing all things in Christ
Listening vs. Reading
What kind of response should I give at church?
Babies get fussy… It’s OK!!!
Receiving Communion: on your tongue, in  your hands, on your knees
Giving thanks after mass: why we don’t bolt after church


Keeping Sunday Holy: 

The Value of Silence
Recollecting Throughout the Week
For and With Whom Shall We Pray
Family Prayer: Where to Start
Decorum in Church
Dressing for Church
Managing Kids in Church