Morning Prayer Musings

Some thoughts from morning prayer before the Blessed Sacrament today…

“O praise the Lord, Jerusalem!  Zion, praise your God!  He has strengthened the bars of your gates, he has blessed the children within you.  He has established peace on your borders, he feeds you with finest wheat.  He sends out his word to the earth and swiftly runs his command.” (Ps. 147:12-ff)

Lord, what is a parish but this: a place of your presence and praise… A place where your priests and people set up firm boundaries through teaching and prudence so that the children within may indeed be blessed and fed with finest wheat before bringing your words and commands to all the earth.  Lord, help our parish to be that for SE DC today and always.

Jesus reconciles “both of us to God in one body through his cross which put [our] enmity to death.” (Cf. Eph. 2:13-16)

Lord, in the identity of your Church as a place of healing for all, divisions fade.  Your medicine is the Cross that we all need to accept… not just our crosses, which can inspire continued division, but YOUR cross, uniquely present to us in the Mass.   …and because, Lord, our healing is never complete until we reach heaven, ALL must be humble helping each other to look up and see you raised on that tree… “made sin” that we might be made whole (Cf. II Cor 5:21).  In that humility… the humility of our common neediness, the medicine of your cross: penance, virtue, doctrine… becomes a sweetness, a cause for joy as the way to the more glorious self in the Resurrection.